December 14, 2020

Check Out This Giant Ant Colony (Video)


And we can’t even figure out how to fix our bridges and roads…

An ant colony is a home for ants that is usually underground and made up of several chambers connected by tunnels. They are built by the ants themselves; more specifically, the worker ants, who dig the tunnels and rooms, and then, carrying the tiny bits of dirt in their mandibles, they deposit the dirt on the surface, sometimes forming an anthill in the process.

The way an ant colony operates revolves around the function of the chambers, or rooms. Each room has a purpose: there are nurseries, rooms for storing food and even rooms specifically for mating.

An ant colony begins when a queen mates with one or several males. She then creates a nest and raises her first brood, which consists of worker ants. Worker ants are wingless females. Only the queen has wings, which she uses to fly to find a mate. Once she mates, the wings are useless and she uses the tissue to feed her first brood.


And so on, and so on.

Eventually, some guys in funny hats come along and fill it with concrete!

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