December 15, 2020

His Defense Lawyers Argued That The Murders Were “Consensual”


…and should amount to the lesser charge of homicide with consent.

Now that’s some fancy lawyerin’…

TOKYO – Takahiro Shiraishi, the man who used Twitter to lure suicidal women to his home, where he drugged, robbed, raped and killed them before dismembering their bodies, was on Tuesday (Dec 15) given the death penalty.

Police discovered nine human heads and 240 bones stored in cooler boxes in his tiny 13.5 sq m apartment on Halloween in 2017. His home in Zama city, 90 minutes from central Tokyo, was dubbed by Japanese media as the “house of horrors”.

The nine murders took place over three months from August to October 2017.

Eight of the victims were women aged 15 to 26. The only man was an acquaintance of one of the missing women, and was killed when he came too close to discovering Shiraishi’s crimes.

Shiraishi, now 30, pleaded guilty to all the charges against him during his trial, which spanned 23 hearings and centered on his degree of culpability.


To ensure his victims would not back out at the last minute, he arranged to meet them at a train station near their homes before travelling together to his apartment.

There, he fed them alcohol, tranquillizers and sleeping pills, before assaulting and raping them.  more…

In my best Borat voice, “naughty, naughty”.


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