December 15, 2020

It’s Official, Putin Declares Biden The Next POTUS

Now the two can finally discuss plans to transform the foul, racist, capitalist United States, into something more fair and just.  You know, like Russia, Cuba, China, and North Korea…

(USA Today) – The Kremlin, which has decried what it’s called Biden’s “sharp anti-Russian rhetoric” but praised the president-elect’s comments on arms control, previously said it preferred to wait until the election results were official before congratulating a winner.

[…] In a telegram sent to Biden – published by Russian state media – Russia’s longtime leader “expressed confidence that Russia and the U.S., who bear special responsibility for global security and stability, can facilitate resolution of many problems and challenges faced by the world now despite disagreements.”

Still, Putin’s remarks come as cybersecurity experts point the finger at Russian state-backed hackersfor a massive, months-long digital spying operation that targeted the U.S. government, military and corporations. Russia denies any involvement.


And now, a dose of reality…

Just something to think about.

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