December 17, 2020

If You’re “Rich” You Must Cut Emissions By 97% Or We’re Doomed

Bottom line: Taking money from those that earned it, and giving it to those that didn’t, will suddenly make the earth a healthy, sunshiny, happy kumbaya place to live.

(CBSNews) – This year’s economic shutdowns have done little to reduce the world’s carbon emissions. While pollution has dipped, greenhouse gases keep accumulating in the atmosphere, locking in future decades of climate disruption and extreme weather. A recent United Nations report says the so-called emissions gap — the “difference between where we are likely to be and where we need to be” on climate policy — is as big as ever.

The upshot: When it comes to cutting their emissions, “The richest 1% would need to reduce their current emissions by at least a factor of 30, while per capita emissions of the poorest 50% could increase by around three times their current levels on average,” the U.N. says. That translates into a reduction of 97% in carbon emissions for the wealthiest people.


Climate Communism

And if you have any doubt that you’re a disgusting human being for having a thermostat in your house, this thread should confirm it for ya.


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