December 19, 2020

Larry Fine Taxed $42.50 For Flipping Bird At Super Bowl Halftime Performance

The Three Stooges performed at the first ever Super Bowl half-time show…

(San Diego Reader) – “The knuckleheads in the audience went wild as The Stooges took to the field. We killed! After our classic ‘Niagara Falls’ and ‘Ah-Ha! Ma-Ha!’ routines we broke into a toe-tapping rendition of ‘We’re Coming to Your House.’ During the third chorus, I noticed some thick-necked Bronco Nagurski talking to my Mabel in the stands. He must have thought she was an eligible receiver, because by the looks of things, a football wasn’t the only inflated orb he was making a pass at. I shook my fist and shouted, ‘I’m warning you! Stop trying to steal my wife, you horse thief.’

“The crowd thought it was part of the act, but I wasn’t joking. Blinded by jealousy — my Mabel is a looker, and can she cook — I didn’t realize the camera was on me when I flipped the pigskin-palooka the ‘Italian salute.’ Hoo-boy, did I get in Dutch with the top brass at CBS. Not only did I have to pay a fine of $42.50, which was a lot of money in those days, the network banned me from appearing on ‘Family Affair.’

Excerpt from Larry Fine’s autobiography, Stroke of Luck (as told to James Carone).


Jump to Super Bowl 2020 and two broads dressed as prostitutes, gyrating like methed up strippers to crap “music”, is considered liberating and courageous examples of what all little girls should strive to be.


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