December 22, 2020

‘Stimulus’ Bill Gives $250,000,000 to ‘Palestinians’

Since we know that no one in congress had the time to read the near 6,000 page bill, one wonders who put this kind of trash in.  I can assure you that a (D) followed their name.

(Jihad Watch) – It restricts the money from going to the “Palestinian” government or to jihad terror groups, but money is fungible. If you give me something for food and say “Don’t use it for terrorism,” I can honor your request while still using other money that I had planned to use for food for terrorism instead. This is a basic point that seems to elude our moral superiors.

Yes, the bill gives money to Israel as well. There are no restrictions on funding for Israel and no one need fear that the Israelis will fund terrorism. However, none of this funding should be in the bill. It should be for the relief of Americans only, as only Americans are paying for it.


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