December 22, 2020

Time To Rethink Thoughts Of Secession?

Not that it would ever happen, but maybe secession efforts should be directed elsewhere? Like term limits?

(American Thinker) – There is much loose talk about secession among conservatives. Focused as they are on the outrages of the Left – the cheating, the immorality, the welfare-state entitlement, and the rabid anti-Christian beliefs that put men in women’s bathrooms – conservatives think that these represent the fundamental existential threat to the Republic.

They do not.

Over the horizon lies the largest, most well-funded, most well educated, communist power in the history of the earth. It is atheist, secularist, and mercantilist. It has a Navy larger than our own and air forces quickly approaching ours in size and complexity. The communists hate the United States. China is a surplus nation and the USA is a debtor nation.

Let me ask you a question. Could China prevail in a frontal assault on the USA?

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