January 14, 2021

Interesting Because It Reveals How They See Us

From Jezebel a post titled “The Triumph of Fascist Aesthetics” is how the left views the right.

Remember, these are the same people that applaud and label heroic the blm/antifa mobs looting and burning the cities run into the ground by years of socialist policies.

American carnage was, of course, the fiction of a white supremacist who earnestly believed that the first Black president had destroyed America; the myth on which the Trump administration was built.

But Trump needed to make the image real, to stoke the social alienation that was the respectable mask for Trump’s racist project, so he conjured up cities ablaze and ransacked by violent mobs. He offered his masses the chance to be heroes, tweeting “when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” a phrase birthed by a racist cop, in an obvious appeal to his supporters.

After all of this, last week’s attempted coup felt inevitable. Heroism demands endless war, fueled by enemies seen and unseen. Trump supporters had been primed for violence, ready to make images that would finally turn them into patriots, preserving the mythos of nationalism, of traditionalism, of their own potency.

This too is why Trump and his supporters admire neoclassical architecture which resists modernity with its static facades. It is also why they value sculptures of Confederate generals and long for a monument in the form of a border wall. This is politics transformed into pure aesthetics. (There is, of course, a gendered element to this as well.

Patriots are not pussies; heroes are rarely women.)Jezebel

Read the rest if you’d like insight into how these people see America’s population of white not-communist.

For added insight, read the comments section.

Know your enemy…

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