January 15, 2021

“White Guilt” Should Be Taught Early To Privileged White Children


(LifeHacker) – White people across the United States have spent the past several months waking up to a reality that people of color have long since known: Systemic racism is still a daily reality, white supremacists are feeling increasingly emboldened, and white people are inherently privileged. As adults, many of us are finally trying to play catch-up by talking with each other about these issues and educating ourselves on how to be not just “not racist,” but anti-racist. But we shouldn’t just be talking with other adults about these issues; white parents also need to be talking with their white children about their privilege.Life Hacker

No child should be made to feel guilty about the color of the skin they were born with.

No child should feel guilt because their parents make good choices and provide them a good life.

And they should enjoy that good life while they can…

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