January 16, 2021

Finally! A Foolproof Way To Find Out If You’re A Racist

From the Daily Hampshire Gazette up in Masshole country, a wise and righteous lady columnist, has given the Trump lovin’ sumbitches a way to find out once and for all, if they are in fact the racist, slack jawed cousin pokers they’re assumed to be.

She has provided a series of “you’re a racist if” declarations for you to browse and decide if one or all apply.

A small taste:

YOU ARE A RACIST, if you are still angry about Trump losing because you feel cheated, despite overwhelming bipartisan evidence that the election was free and fair.

YOU ARE A RACIST, because whether or not you want to admit it to yourself, what you feel cheated out of is your free pass to be an open racist, now that Trump has been voted out. You feel cheated that your confidence in your right to oppress the Black and brown people across the country has been thwarted. You feel cheated that people who don’t want to be in a racist country went out and voted against all of you who desperately want it to stay this way.

Feel cheated?

‘Not Our President’: Protests Spread After Donald Trump’s Election

2016 Oakland riots

Anti-Trump protests, some violent, erupt for 3rd night nationwide

Protests across US after Donald Trump elected president – video

Tens of Thousands Protest Trump Election Victory, 124 Arrested


> Head on over and find out if you’re one of those banjo pickin’ MAGA racist <

Let Miss Jones know all the good she’s done by dropping your results in the comment section!

Addendumb: She closed her list of declarations by asking hermelanated people” if they can “hear freedom calling”.

Freedom calling? You think freedom comes from a bigger, more powerful redistributionist gub’ment?

If Barack Hussein couldn’t (didn’t) do a single thing to lift the “melanated people” out of whiteys (imaginary) klangrip, what makes you think that the poor and oppressed victims of Trump’s cracker minion, will get any freer with a senile old white man in charge? A white man I must mention, that has been in gub’ment for 46 years and according to the BLM mobs looting and burning around the country, whitey is still to blame for their current station in life.

Screaming racist at those you disagree with is the lowest form of discourse. It’s just dumb. One shouldn’t go through life angry and blaming others whitey for their problems.

Just sayin…


  1. whoopie January 16, 2021 at 20:47

    Checks my white privilege, finds it to be robust and in good order. Thanks for askin’.

    1. HB January 16, 2021 at 21:09

      As with anything that comes out a white mouth these days…


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