January 17, 2021

Rage Against The Machine Release Film On “The Fiction Known As Whiteness”

The crusade against all things Caucasian rolls on…

(Livewire) – In collaboration with international artists collective The Ummah Chroma (which means Community of Colour) the doc depicts a teacher in an open field with a small group of children, communicating a truncated history of oppression in the United States. Using a chalkboard and his words, the teacher goes through centuries of slavery and manifest destiny, along with how those ideals contributed to the creation of our country.

“Where do you think white people come from?” the teacher asks. After the kids responded with various European and North American answers, the teacher says, “Actually, there were no ‘white’ people who came from any of those places. When they came from England what do you think they called themselves? The English or British. When they came from France what did they call themselves? French. When they came from Russia what were they? Russians.”

He continues, “They didn’t call themselves ‘white,’ so at what point did these people, who had never ever really thought of themselves as one big happy family — in fact, they’d been killing each other for years — when did they decide that they were ‘white?’

Remember, all of this will be consumed by impressionable young minds and further fan the flames of animosity towards white folks who had nothing to do with any of it.


All this does is keep folks at each others throats.  Who benefits from that?

Maybe a leftist ideology that likes to present itself as the champion of the oppressed benefits?

Watch the full documentary below and click here to find out more about The Ummah Chroma.

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