January 20, 2021

Inauguration Day 2021 Links – The Return Of Leftist Rot

Only dark days ahead…

DC Braces for Imaginary Army of White Supremacists

The obsession with “white supremacy” is one of the most hysterical fantasies since the Salem witch trials.

How Biden can update the Obama doctrine

If personnel is policy, a full-on revival of Obamaism might seem likely. Secretary of state nominee Antony Blinken and deputy Wendy Sherman; national security adviser nominee Jake Sullivan and deputy Jon Finer; director of national intelligence nominee Avril D. Haines and CIA director-designate William J. Burns were all senior officials under Obama, while defense secretary nominee Lloyd J. Austin III headed the Pentagon’s Middle East command. Almost every other top official so far nominated for State and Defense Department roles is an Obama veteran.

Four years later, much of Obama’s policy has survived Trump

But his larger ambitions to uproot key domestic policies of President Obama largely failed. And now Obama’s vice president, Joe Biden, who is scheduled to take the oath of office at noon on Wednesday, will be able to build on the foundations that remain intact, starting with a wave of executive actions he’s expected to take Wednesday.

Twitter Considering Expanding ‘Permanent Bans’ To Other GOP Groups

A new report by Project Veritas further details plans by social media giants to monitor and outlaw free speech on the internet across the globe. New videos show top Twitter executives discussing ways to purge conservative opinions and restrict information on their platform.

Why U Still Mad, Bro?

Tucker Carlson on the rhetoric being directed at Republicans as the *Biden administration is set to take office.

Donald Trump Announces Pardons and Commutations for 143 People in Last Hours of Presidency

Trump’s list also included many nonviolent drug offenders sentenced to prison.

The long-awaited final list of pardons and commutations in Trump’s presidency was released early Wednesday morning just hours before he planned to leave the White House to his post-presidency home in Florida.

President Trump Leaves White House For Final Time As 45th President

President Trump spoke to a group of supporters at Joint Base Andrews before boarding Air Force One to Florida.

A Sad Day

It’s a sad day because more than 74 million people who voted for Donald Trump will no longer have a voice in the U.S. government.

Apparently BLM Thinks Twerking Somehow Honors MLK Jr.

The woman in the video, Shaina Lynn, included a statement for the Black Lives Matter account to include with the video. Apparently twerking on various monuments throughout Washington is somehow “healing.”

“Twerk on Washington is a declaration of freedom and healing. Advocating for the decolonization of oversexualizing Black women’s bodies to reclaim an ancient sacred dances of liberation and wellness,” the statement said.

On Day 1: Boys in Girls’ Locker Room

Q: What do you get when you cross the depraved degeneracy of Caligula’s Rome with the mania for coercion of Stalin’s USSR? A: The Biden’s Handlers Administration, which begins today. Among the Day 1 agenda items: forcing innocent teenage girls to take off their clothes in front of sexually deranged male peers.

Stop the Steal

“Stop the Steal” is not a call to violence, nor does it narrow upon a disputed election that will put the worst possible nominee of any presidential race in American history behind the Resolute Desk. It represents a civil but firm opposition to a Democrat policy platform that seeks to wrench the foundations of democracy out from under our feet.

Biden Begins by Kicking Oil Country in the Teeth

Environmental activists may be cheering, but here in North Dakota, an epicenter of support for Trump in no small part because of the belligerence Democrats have shown toward the oil and gas industry, renewed hostility to pipelines means real harm for real people.

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Film Crew Releases Never Before Seen Footage of 2017 Inauguration Riots

Chicago, Illinois – Documentary film crew releases dramatic, never before seen footage of the 2017 Inauguration riots. The footage was gathered as part of an ongoing documentary about the fight for dominance playing out between establishment and independent news organizations.

Joe Biden is promoting wokeness on steroids

Yesterday, it was reported that one of Biden’s first acts as president will be to extend trans students’ access to single-sex spaces.

Democrats Are Framing Americans As Domestic Terrorists So They Can Do To Us What They Did To Trump In Spygate

Democrats have moved swiftly to use the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol mayhem to push for a frightening expansion of federal surveillance and police powers, openly smearing anyone who voted for Donald Trump as a potential terrorist.

US soldier arrested for planning attacks on NYC 9/11 memorial and troops overseas

Jeff LPH 3 sent in the news about this Army PFC who thought he was plotting with ISIS.

Left Calls for ‘Army of Citizen Detectives’ to Monitor & Report Trump Supporters

The greatest threat facing America today comes from within: radical extreme conservatives, also known as domestic terrorists. They’re hidden among us, disguised behind regular jobs. They are your children’s teachers. They work at supermarkets, malls, doctor’s offices, and many are police officers and soldiers.

Videos: More than 30 arrested when demonstrators clash with NYPD in NYC

More than 30 people were arrested after cops and Black Lives Matter marchers clashed at City Hall Park Monday night.

Antifa is looking for a fight today…

The events are being organised to confront pro-Trump protesters who are headed to capitols across the US.

Joe Rogan Makes Total Sense, Again, on Big Tech Censorship

“It sets a precedent where the people that are in power can decide that something is ‘wrong speak,’ something is bad and that you can just eliminate it completely,” he added. “And then when things like that happen, they keep going. They don’t just stop at things that we can all agree are terrible. They go to things that maybe you don’t think are terrible, but other people do. And then they keep going further.”

Biden to reveal comprehensive day-one climate agenda – ‘Will unveil sweeping action to combat climate change’

Biden will notify the United Nations the U.S. is rejoining the Paris climate agreement before day’s end, with the re-entry set to take effect 30 days later, according to briefing materials from the Biden transition.

Stop letting your kids watch Nickelodeon!

How To Manage Big-Bore Revolver Recoil

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