January 20, 2021

The Hatred Of FOX News Is Kinda Funny

The way these closet Marxist carry on about FOX news is funny because it implies that their State Media (CNN NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC etc.) outlets are impartial presenters of truth.

Fox News Is the Source of All Evil

Fox News—not social media, not think tanks—is the primal source of racism, xenophobia, polarization, and reckless lying in American media. Until we somehow put a stop to this, it will be hard to ever recover the country we used to have.

It’s Time to Crush Fox News

With boycotts:

…if we want to make a difference, we should target one big advertiser and leave the rest alone for now. This is what the UAW does: they negotiate with one car company, which sets a pattern for their contracts with everyone else. And they don’t pick their victim randomly. They pick the company that seems most vulnerable to a strike threat.

So who would that be? Ideally, a company that (a) can’t afford to be associated even slightly with unAmerican activity, and (b) is not in the greatest financial shape. You also want a company that’s relatively easy to boycott.

Ya just gotta laugh…


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