January 27, 2021

Tool’s “Lateralus” Covered On A Yangqin (Video)


What the pelosi is a Yangqin you ask? I didn’t know either until today.

The trapezoidal yangqin (simplified Chinese: 扬琴; traditional Chinese: 揚琴; pinyin: yángqín) is a Chinese hammered dulcimer, likely derived from the Iranian santur or the European dulcimer.

It used to be written with the characters 洋琴 (lit. “foreign zither”), but over time the first character changed to 揚 (also pronounced “yáng”), which means “acclaimed”. It is also spelled yang quin or yang ch’in.

Hammered dulcimers of various types are now very popular not only in China, but also Eastern Europe, the Middle East, India, Iran, and Pakistan.

The instruments are also sometimes known by the names “santoor” and “cymbalom”. This instrument had an influence on the Thai classical instrument, known as Khim.wiki

I refuse to believe that either of my two loyal readers are “Belieber” or the insect inhabitants of the “B-Hive” and aren’t already well versed in all things Maynard James Keenan.

Anyhoot, have a listen.

via Horns of Pan

And the original.

So if the discussion of yangqin playin’ comes up while at the country club eatin’ a mess of catfish, now you know.

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