January 29, 2021

The Sky-Banner That Supposedly Flew Over Mar-a-Lago

Ol’ Trump sure did put sand in some panties didn’t he? It’s open season on all things Trump, and the line grows with volunteers to help hand him over  to the Pelosi-Schumer posse-o-commie.

But until they figger out a way to kneecap him for good, a little harassment is in order, right?

I found this on the internet so it be true…

Good stuff…

Found at the Reddit

For giggles:

It’s honestly so pathetic that the white supremacist fascist that right wingers worship as a god is such a fu*king moron.BuddaMuta
I’ve half wondered if that was no accident, as in “You have the audacity to put a black man in the presidency? We’ll put you all back in your place by putting the absolute dogsh*t dumbest, miserable, horrible old white man we can find in there.” He’s the polar opposite of Obama in terms of intelligence, education, thoughtfulness, eloquence. It’s like it was all to prove that the only qualification needed for a white man to lead is to be white.jmc323

Exactamundo! Trump is honkey racist revenge for Obama!

lol like he knows how to read.awitcheskid

Read schmead, you should know by now that Caucasian males have no use for reading, everything is just handed to them!

I fully believe he’s going to try to go to Russia.lestermason
There’s no way CIA will let him leave the country. That moron knows too much and has no loyalties except to his own pockets. Right now he’s one of the biggest liabilities of the US government. But deep down, I do want to see a scenario in which he goes to an allied country, gets summoned for his impeachment, refuses, and then at the request of the US government is arrested by said country and extradited back to the US. Obviously that will never happen, but still, one can imagine.Whitepawn00

Your imaginings are superb you imaginer!


Let’s all imagine a land that isn’t populated with folks too stupid to understand what a vile ideology they support.

But that would be racist, so stop it…

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