January 30, 2021

Friday Links & How Asking For A Signature Might Be Racist

On this day way back in 1785, John Hancock resigned as Governor of Massachusetts, allegedly due to his failing health. Who cares? No one, but let’s pull on our social justice boots and take a look at how systemic racism is being carried out in his name … sorta

John Hancock – Obviously Racist

First we must realize that to become truly healed into a woke utopia, we must embrace the guilt that the social justice industry & the Reverend Al Sharpton, insist whites feel for injustices that happened long before they were born.

We need to look at this Hancock in a different light. Forget that he owned slaves prior to the civil war in which he fought to end it, that doesn’t matter. Proceeding with the current truth, he was a white guy from a long time ago and that makes him a genuine, old school racist.

Just look at him and you’ll see it too. Who other than a racist wears a white wig so unashamedly?

Who other than a racist would say something silly like this?

A chip on the shoulder is too heavy a piece of baggage to carry through lifeJohn Hancock

To be perpetually outraged is life.

Moving on, we all know the phrase “put your John Hancock here” when being asked to sign something or other. With a newly woke mind, that phrase is now a reminder of white oppression and conjures all sorts of negativity when directed at persons of color.

How do we deal with this example of systemic racism that legitimate state media tells us is plaguing our nation? By completely removing the phrase from our vocabulary. Yep, make it a hate crime while you’re at it! And since Harriet Tubman will soon grace a new $20 bill, why not change the racist phrase “put your John Hancock here” to “put your Harriet Tubman here” or “put your Maxine Waters here” or “put your Young Thug here”?

This just makes sense, especially now. It’s time to root out systemic racism wherever it may lurk. If that means we need to cleanse the nation of anything white people ever said, then so be it.

You suck white people.

Worried you may not possess enough white guilt to satisfy the Ministers of Equality For Some? Don’t fret, the all powerful state is gonna get you there.

Susan Rice wants every federal agency to focus on racial equity

You think this is a game?

Calling for bold strategies to end systemic racism, NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson applauded Biden’s appointment of Rice

“We can no longer afford a piecemeal approach or to address these issues solely through civil rights

Susan Rice-Norkom of Race

offices,” Johnson said in a brief statement last week. “We must identify strategies for coordinating and deploying all levers of the federal government to tackle structural inequality.”

Johnson said the NAACP demanded the creation of such a position to address the ongoing challenges and barriers posed by racial inequality.

“It will require a herculean effort to eliminate the institutional barriers throughout the

government that still perpetuate racial inequality,” he added. “We are elated that the Biden

administration has appointed Dr. Susan Rice to lead this august challenge.”newsone

Translation: Whites had better start exhibiting a humbling amount of guilt or anything could happen to your finances, means of communication, property, job, even custody of your children.

Think they can’t?

Out of the loop about GameStop? Here’s a handy reading list

Anyone else notice a pattern where some media hyped catastrophe happens and only The State can step in to resolve it? Once you let them in, they’re in for good. Bye-bye liberties.

Tax teams must confront racism following Black Lives Matter protests

The racial justice movement led by the Black Lives Matter campaign reached new heights in the summer of 2020, drawing attention to systemic racism in the tax sector. Tax professionals hope for material change in 2021.

Nothing is safe from the woke.

Our View: Big Tobacco hits another low with response to Black Lives Matter protests

Good old fashioned shaming.

Anyhoo, here’s a decent fixer-upper:

Built Into a Hillside, This Concrete and Glass Fixer-Upper Is on Sale for Only $99,900

Cable-bill transparency laws haven’t killed sneaky fees

Cable is still a thing?

Gwendoline Christie to play gender-flipped Lucifer in Netflix’s Sandman

Lucifer isn’t the only character to swap genders. Actor Vivienne Acheampong (The Witches) will play chief librarian Lucienne, who is also the guardian of Dream’s world. In the comics, the character is male and named Lucien.

No one escapes the woke. Not even el Diablo.

I’ve Got a Meme for That: Unpacking the Racist Practice of Digital Blackface in the Information Age

And this perverted depiction of Blackness is represented on TikTok in many ways. Among them is the #hotcheetogirl, which is based on the “hood rat” archetype—a projection of low-income Black or Latinx youth. Not to mention, white teens who mimic the well-known characters from Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise, to name a few.

If you try hard enough, you can find racism in a sack of rocks.

Dance break!

@payochikisCuando ando cagando y escucho Mi rola 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #funny #comedy #foryou #foryoupage #fypage #fyp♬ Micheal Jackson de Durango – Dj Aftermath210😜👊🏽


Kerry’s back:

John Kerry’s Straw Man Arguments For Wasting Money On Climate Change

If after reading this, you think the US can spend enough to stop hurricanes that have been happening for billions of years, you need to have your head examined.


DOJ Arrests Man For Spreading Memes Filled With “Misinformation” About The Election…

Damn right they did!

Megyn Kelly encourages parents to fight back against Dalton School’s ‘anti-racist’ agenda

The new “anti-racist” obsession with race is incredibly exclusionary and hurtful to many of the children and their families, and many are considering leaving. Why would anyone voluntarily send their children to be taught that they are guilty regardless of their decency and kindness? A school where they are constantly reminded of the color of their skin, not the content of their character. What Black parent wants the other children to feel sorry for their kid and look at them differently? We have spoken with dozens of families, of all colors and backgrounds, who are in shock and looking for an alternative school for their children.

Get ’em Megyn!

Megyn Kelly… still not returning my calls.
We are told by our rulers that the corrupt and demented mediocrity Joe Biden is the most popular president ever. YouTube statistics tell a different story, so they are altered.Moonbattery
Well, the ink has not dried on the new Executive Orders and some are already calling for people to be outed from their jobs. The Independent reports that an Army Chaplain is now being investigated for his remarks about transgender troops.This Ain't Hell

Liberal outlet Vox recommends mental health treatment to recover from psychological trauma of Trump’s presidency


FMJRA 2.0: For Whom The Bell Tolls

For whom does the bell toll, I never figured that one out.

Kamala Harris’s Stepdaughter Ella Emhoff Gets Modeling Gig with IMG Models After Inauguration


If All You See…


Larwyn’s Linx: Victor Davis Hanson: How to Deprogram Us

No, Trump did not incite anything. Here’s the proof

357 Magnum Friday Links

Remember, it’s no longer acceptable to ask anyone, especially the protected classes, to “put their John Hancock here”. It’s racist.

And now:

Thanks for stopping by… and keep your head on a swivel.

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