February 2, 2021

Back In The Day Factoid Injected Vintage Celebrity Photos (29 Pics)


Back in the day – used for talking about a time in the past, usually when you are remembering nice things about that time.

Andre the Giant with friend 1983
During matches, he amused himself by stepping on an opponent’s long hair or wringing the sweat from his singlet into their face. In one bout, Jake “The Snake” Roberts recalled that André waited until Roberts was on the mat before he squatted down and unleashed his flatulence. “This went on for like 30 seconds,” Roberts said. “Giants fart for extremely long periods of time.”Mental Floss
Ann Margret
A keen motorcyclist, Ann-Margret rode a 500 cc Triumph T100C Tiger in The Swinger (1966) and used the same model, fitted with a nonstandard electric starter, in her stage show and her TV specials. She was featured in Triumph Motorcycles’ official advertisements in the 1960s. She suffered three broken ribs and a fractured shoulder when she was thrown off a motorcycle in rural Minnesota in 2000.wiki
Bill Murray 1968 HS Graduation Photo
It’s almost impossible to imagine anyone besides Tom Hanks playing Forrest Gump, but it almost ended up being Bill Murray. He wasn’t a fan of the role, however, and turned it down.Factinate
John Belushi & Dan Akroyd aka The Blues Brothers
During the “Jailhouse Rock” finale of the Blues Brothers film, Joe Walsh, whom Belushi befriended after an Eagles concert in Chicago a few years prior, jumps on a table and the others follow suit. Walsh told ‘Rolling Stone’ that Belushi called him down to the set to help kill time between takes, and they found a spot for him in the movie.UCR
Bond Girl – Barbara Bouchet
Bärbel Gutscher was born in Reichenberg, Sudetenland, a part of Czechoslovakia that was ceded to Nazi Germany and is today part of the Czech Republic. In Casino Royale (1967), Bouchet played the role of Miss Moneypenny. wiki
Burt Reynolds and Farrah Fawcett filming Cannonball Run
Freddie Mercury is responsible for one of the most famous mustaches in showbiz history. And he also owned another. Yes, the late Queen frontman paid some $25,000 at a charity auction to get his hands on the facial hair that Burt Reynolds sported in The Cannonball Run. The winning bidder initially remained anonymous until bandmate Brian May let slip several years later.Scribol
Cheech & Chong 1969
The car that Chong drives at the beginning of Up In Smoke is actually owned by Jack Nicholson. Cheech Marin is one of those people who disproves the “dumb stoner” myth. In fact, he was Jeopardy’s first ever celebrity champion! Not only did he win, but he also defeated Anderson Cooper – – big time.World of Weed
Young Christopher Walken
Actors have had plenty of boring jobs prior to hitting it big, from office jobs to delivering pizzas, waitressing, and more. But Walken’s pre-acting occupation was actually pretty interesting: he worked as a lion tamer in a circus.The Things
Cindy Morgan in Caddyshack
Eventually, Morgan moved to Florida. For many years, she has talked about writing a memoir about her experiences making Caddyshack. She has done some voice acting including a character in the Tron 2.0 video game and she is involved in pro-military charities.Lebeau's Le Blog
Kurt Cobain 1986
He recorded ‘Nevermind’ while he was homeless. Being homeless, Cobain used to either sleep in his car or crash at his mother’s place. Even in that state, Cobain successfully recorded the song ‘Nevermind’ which went on to sell two million copies. When he played it to his Mom for the first time, she rightly predicted that this song would change his life. flutin
Col. Sanders & Alice Cooper
Stemming from the infamous chicken incident, at some time in 1974, Cooper managed to be in the same room with Colonel Sanders, Harland David Sanders, the founder and face of Kentucky Fried Chicken while they were both at the same hotel doing PR in Amsterdam. During an interview which was taped for a showing of the film Super Duper Alice Cooper in 2014, Cooper answered a question about his meeting Colonel Sanders in the 1970s: “Here comes this nice old man in a white suit. Suddenly I realize that this is the Hannibal Lecter of chickens. I have the death of exactly one chicken on my hands, and this guy has a score of 10 billion. Yet everyone loves this guy, and hates me for being a chicken killer! The irony of the two of us being in the same room at the same time was not lost on either me or the Colonel.”Vintage News Daily
Maureen McCormick as Marsha Brady
According to her biography, Maureen McCormick was justifiably fearful of getting syphilis. Her grandfather contracted syphilis from prostitutes when he was fighting in Europe during World War I. He brought the disease back to his wife, McCormick’s grandmother, who eventually died from syphilis while in a mental hospital. McCormick’s mother was infected in the womb. And McCormick was so fearful that she, too, would get the deadly STD that, when she needed to cry on scene, she thought about catching syphilis. Groovy History
Donna Douglas & Nancy Culp
Nancy Kulp, who played the character of Miss Jane Hathaway, secretary of Mr. Drysdale, tried and ran for office as the Pennsylvania Democratic nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives when she was 62 years old. That was after her acting career. Her Beverly Hillbillies‘ co-star Buddy Ebsen, who during the show did not get along with her, volunteered to make a radio campaign in support for Kulp’s opponent and called her “too liberal” on the air. Kulp lost the election and was bitter to him because of what he had done.Do You Remember
Donna Douglas who played the character of Elly May could not really be defined as the princess type. However, this did not stop Mattel toy company from featuring her character as one of three Barbie dolls in its Classic TV Collection. In 2011, Douglas decided to sue Mattel for using her likeness without her consent on the doll. In the end, the actress ended up settling the suit.Do You Remember
Edy Willaims – Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls
In 1982, she appeared on an episode of The People’s Court as a defendant in a case titled “The Star Who Wouldn’t Pay”. She was sued for payment for publicity work the plaintiff had done for her. She counter-sued for half of the retainer she’d paid him.[3] After this, she was sporadically active in films during the 1980s and early 1990s.wiki
Farrah Fawcett
Most people don’t think of Motown when they think of Farrah Fawcett. Nevertheless, the Hollywood sweetheart actually provided the inspiration for the famous song “Midnight Train to Georgia,” which was sung by Gladys Knight and the Pips. As the story goes, Jim Weatherly, the country songwriter responsible for the song, was friends with Lee Majors. Weatherly called Majors one evening, and Fawcett happened to answer the phone, as Fawcett and Majors were married at the time. She informed Weatherly that Majors had taken a “midnight plane to Houston,” according to the New York Post. Weatherly decided to use the phrase in a song. However, singer Cissy Houston changed the phrase to the now famous “midnight train to Georgia,” saying, “My people are originally from Georgia, and they didn’t take planes to Houston or anywhere else. They took trains.” When Gladys Knight and the Pips recorded a version later that year, the song rose to No. 1, and the rest is history.the List
Pink Floyd 1970
Their first album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, was recorded at Abbey Road in 1967 – directly adjacent to The Beatles, who were recording Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band at the same time.BuzzFeed
George Harrison & Bob Marley
On July 13, 1975, George Harrison was invited backstage before a Bob Marley show at the Roxy in Los Angeles to meet Marley. Here is the photo of the two men meeting backstage. This is the photo that has been used over the years to create the false impression on bogus posters that the two collaborated onstage together. They did not.Rock & Roll Detective
Jack Black 10yo
It is fairly well known that Jack Black is the lead singer of his own rock band alongside Kyle Gass, known as Tenacious D. The band have had fantastic success when Black isn’t busy with his acting career, but they’re not his only appearances in the music world. Black has popped up in tons of music videos throughout the years. Here’s a list of them: Beck’s ‘Sexx Laws’, Foo Fighters’ ‘Learn To Fly’, ‘Low’, and ‘The One’, The Eagles of Death Metal’s ‘I Want You So Hard (Boy’s Bad News)’, Sum 41’s ‘Things I Want’, and Weezer’s ‘Photograph.’Screen Rant
Barbara Eden aka Jeannie
Jeannie’s skimpy pink-and-red harem costume was an instant iconic look for the show, but aside from the fall 1965 pilot, titled “The Lady in the Bottle,” Eden was significantly covered up for the first 10 episodes of the series. It wasn’t because of any censorship issues; the actress was expecting a baby. Eden confirmed her pregnancy on the very day that I Dream of Jeannie was picked up. Instead of replacing her, the producers decided to hide her growing belly via a multitude of techniques, including adding several extra veils to her Jeannie costume. “I looked like a walking tent,” joked Eden in a 2001 Lifetime Intimate Portrait documentary.Mental Floss
Joan Jett 1977
The girls in the Runaways all tried to model themselves on one of their rock n roll heroes. Jett chose Suzi Quatro, a singer and bass player best known for her song “Can the Can,” and for playing rocker Leather Tuscadero on the TV show Happy Days.Factinate
Joe Strummer with The Clash
Strummer was involved with the Anti-Nazi League and Rock Against Racism campaigns. He later also gave his support to the Rock Against the Rich series of concerts organised by the anarchist organisation Class War.Dying Scene
Tom Jones & Janis Joplin
Jones, a raunchy vocalist from Pontypridd in the Welsh valleys, had invited American rock and blues legend Joplin to join him on his popular TV show in 1969. Their version of Raise Your Hand on the TV series, This is Tom Jones, was widely heralded as one of the best duets ever performed on the show, which was produced by ATV between 1969 and 1971 The duet boosted both Jones’ and Joplin’s reputation, as it gave Jones more street credibility and introduced Joplin to a wider audience.and meetings
Judas Priest 1975
On 5 January 2014 the band appeared in the episode “Steal This Episode” of The Simpsons playing a parody of their song “Breaking the Law.” Their music was referred to as “death metal.” The producers decided to apologize for the mistake by having Bart Simpson write “Judas Priest is not ‘Death Metal'” in the opening sequence chalkboard gag.Ultimate Guitar
“Jungle” Pam Hardy supporting “Jungle” Jim Liberman at a drag race
Obviously, when you were as iconic in motorsport as Pam was in the ‘70s, you can’t attend an event without catching someone’s attention. It’s common for Pamela to spend race days splitting her time between watching the action and talking to her fans. People usually come up to her wanting to know about the good ol’ days and what life was like for her back then.Breakin Ball
Loretta Lynn
Loretta Webb (her maiden name) and Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn met and got married a month later. Loretta was very young, somewhere between 13 and 16. Doolittle was 21 when they got married. They stayed together until he died in 1996. They had six children together.Do You Remember
Lucille Ball
She was the first female to run a major Hollywood studio. Desilu Productions — named for its founders, Lucille and Desi — was formed in 1950. And until its reincorporation into Paramount Television in 1967, it not only produced I Love Lucy, but it also brought Star Trek, Mission: Impossible, and The Untouchables to the small screen.Good Housekeeping
Before Wonder Woman Lynda Carter 1971
After an unsuccessful audition in 1974, Carter beat out 2,000 other women to land the role of Wonder Woman a year later. When she got the call from producers saying she got the part, Carter had $25 in her bank account. MeTV
“Macho Man” Randy Savage, Miss Elizabeth & Jesse “the Body” Ventura
Randall Mario Poffo (November 15, 1952 – May 20, 2011), better known by his ring name Randy Savage, was an American professional wrestler, commentator, actor, rapper, and professional baseball player.

Elizabeth Ann Hulette (November 19, 1960 – May 1, 2003), best known as Miss Elizabeth, was an American professional wrestling manager and valet. She gained fame during the 1980s and early 1980s in the World Wrestling Federation as the manager of “Macho Man” Randy Savage (her real-life husband).

Jesse Ventura (born James George Janos) was part of a biker gang, and narrowly avoided a war with the Hell’s Angels. After being honorably discharged from the Navy, Ventura decided to really exercise those freedoms he just fought for by joining California biker gang, the Mongols. According to Ventura, he became a full patch member and even rose to third in command of his chapter.


Tina Fey 1988
Fey didn’t just take inspiration from her life at ‘SNL’ for the iconic jokes on ’30 Rock.’ Lemon’s infamous “I want to go there” reportedly came from none other than Fey’s eldest daughter, Alice, who even cameoed on the show in a flashback episode that showed a young Liz LemonThe Things

Tina Fey as Liz Lemon is IMHO still one of the sexiest women ever…

Thanks for lookin…

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