February 2, 2021

Dienstag Links – Witness The Swiftness Of Biden Rot

The Biden Rot rolls on, chewing up the nations interest then excreting a foul anti-unity not experienced since the Great Apology Tours of ’08-’09.

Joe’s been a focused and efficient conduit, carrying out the edicts of his handlers.

With glee they destroy…

The young are wholly indoctrinated.

‘Neutrality Is Racism’: How a Teenage Horse Riding Champion Called Out Inequality in the Equestrian World

A few days after Floyd’s death, outraged by the lack of response from her Florida friends, Sophie, then just 17, fired off an angry opinion column to the venerable equestrian periodical The Chronicle of the Horse, which published it online. In it, she denounced the exclusive equestrian world as an “insular community with a gross amount of wealth and white privilege” that had chosen “the path of ignorance.”Robb Report

Thank pop-culture for creating that level of self loathing.

But not all young folk are feeling guilty about their success…

Making a lot of money

Adult model Belle Delphine is making $1.2 million A MONTH on OnlyFans with explicit photos and selling her bathwater

“People can see me and see my numbers and think, ‘Oh, she’s doing really well so that means I can do really well,’” Delphine said in an interview with Insider. “For every one successful girl you see, there are thousands of other girls working really hard and not earning anything.”Knewz

That’s a lot of scratch. Pretty sure most of you are saving your pennies for the day Nancy Pelosi retires and starts her own Onlyfans page, right? Now that’d be somethin’!

And to address the plague of squirrels in the country…

First Look: Stoeger STR-9S Combat 9mm Pistol

Stupid squirrels…

Meanwhile, women folk in congress, having not read Biden’s unity memo, are rough talking each other something fierce.

The staff of the two representatives got into the argument when Bush’s staff asked Greene to mask-up on Capitol Hill. Greene was live-streaming at the time. As Bush’s group yelled at Greene to wear a mask, she responded that they shouldn’t bring COVID positive members into Congress.11 Alive

It’s hard to miss the amount of effort going in to cease all discussion of election fraud. Wonder why…

What Does the Word “RACIST” Mean?

Want to walk down the street waving an American Flag? RACIST!!! Want to stop people coming from China that might be infected with the China virus? RACIST!!! Want people to protest peacefully without rioting, looting, and destroying property? RACIST!!! Want to acknowledge that most police shooting incidents involve resisting arrest? RACIST!!!iOTW

Meanwhile, fun lovin’ Washington yoots are out having a reeeeaall good time…

‘ANTIFA’ SIEGE ‘Antifa mob’ take over hotel as protesters scream ‘f*** your sister, f*** your wife’ at riot cops

A MOB alleged to be Antifa supporters have taken over a hotel to demand it be used to house the homeless. Terrified staff said a group dressed in black and carrying knives broke in while a woman was heard screamed at ‘f*** your sister, f*** your wife’ at cops guarding the building.The Sun

Silence from Pelosi (crying in the corner about the real threat), much like the silence concerning black on black killings.  Forty four homicides in Chicago so far this year. Systemic racism is surely responsible.

Tax payer funded state media outlet PBS is doing its part to brand MAGA folks as marauding racist

Frontline’s ‘Trump’s American Carnage’ is a portrait of a monster—and those who enabled him

The Frontline episode focuses on how Trump deliberately stoked and promoted anger and violence among his supporters during his entire term in office, violence that most visibly manifested itself on Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol, with Republicans falling in line behind these tactics for the most part. The pivotal events in Charlottesville in 2018 are described as something of an inflection point—the moment when Trump felt he could say or do anything without any serious repercussions. From then on, the Republican Party wholly capitulated to Trump’s ownership and dominance.Daily Kos

Know your enemy

Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez says she’s a sexual assault survivor, Capitol riot revisited trauma

Speaking to an audience of more than 150,000 viewers, Ocasio-Cortez detailed the days leading up to the Capitol breach as well as a play-by-play of her experience during the incident. The congresswoman recounted hiding in a bathroom as she heard members of the mob asking where she was. Just The News

Indeed she is Big V, indeed she is…

BLM’S Brand of Peace Deserves No Prize

Their actions have done more to divide the country, rather than unify or bring about harmony.Newsmax

You tell ’em brother Al!

Then there’s this…

Google Search’s new feature makes it easier to weed out unreliable results

While I would hardly trust this feature on its own to ascertain the veracity of a search result — and having a Wikipedia entry certainly isn’t necessary or sufficient to make a website trustworthy — it may be able to at least help weed out some of the more obvious unreliable information.The Next Web

Google deciding what information is “unreliable” isn’t really new. Do your search results only show state approved messaging? Try these “search operators” to tweak your searches.

Facebook Insider Leaks Zuckerberg Video

Tiny chameleon with large genitalia may be the world’s smallest reptile

Brookesia nana is a chameleon so tiny, it can perch on a fingertip with plenty of room to spare. It may be the smallest reptile in the world, according to a team of scientists who described the diminutive animal, which lives in a rainforest in Madagascar.CNet
Richard “Rachel” Levine, First Tranny Asst Sec of Health

Still not sure what the fffffonzi is going on in the world?

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And now:

Stay safe out there…


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