February 4, 2021

White Lives Matter Is A “Racist Sentence And Phrase”

According to Williams, a racial justice advocate who likes to mind other folks business, the phrase “White Lives Matter” is meanie pants level racist.

Credit: FACEBOOK/Danielle Ann
Alberta’s Black community leaders are denouncing a photo of a man wearing a “White Lives Matter” t-shirt in Edmonton, calling it “racist.” The photo, taken at a Walmart in Northgate, shows a man inside the store wearing a white t-shirt with the words “White Lives Matter” in big black lettering on the back. That slogan is widely considered as the racist response to the Black Lives Matter movement. “That is a racist sentence and phrase,” said Tiera Williams, a racial justice advocate. Williams, an anti-racism advocate, says it’s deeply hurtful to see this type of hate, especially during Black History Month. “Society in every area tells white people that their lives matter,” said Williams, the co-founder of humanitarian group A Fight for Equity. “And it’s apparent that a lot of white folks across Canada feel that Black lives don’t matter.”660 News

And the outrage seems genuine!

Note to self: Remove the BLM entry from Google Alerts, it’s getting tiresome.

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