February 7, 2021

The Quest To See Who Can Be The “Wokest”

No matter how accepting of people’s “conditions” we are, this just isn’t ever going to be “pretty”.

Meet Esther Calixte-Bea:

Originally showing my chest hair wasn’t empowering. I simply did so to liberate myself from this burden and live authentically, I even hoped it would help others like myself. After hearing different stories from around the world, that’s when I realised how impactful my project has been and how truly empowering it was to embrace oneself.Glamour Magazine UK

Acceptance doesn’t make a condition attractive or desirable… to anyone.

Laetitia Duveau, co-founder of Berlin-based platform Curated by GIRLS, stated in an email, “Esther sent me her pictures and I was immediately blown away by her bravery and artistic talent! The way she is exposing her chest hair is very empowering! She is showing that body hair can be classy and beautiful. And that’s very important!” The online platform features the work of emerging artists, and said that it focuses on “female-identifying creators.”The Link Newspaper

Girls might have extra hair because their bodies make too much of a hormone called androgen. Hirsutism can run in families. It may also be caused by: Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This is the most common cause of hirsutism in women.

We know the beauty industry panders to woke society and even politicians by hiring their relatives.  But they must be just pretending to be into this because it’s cool to fetishize things to show how woke they are.

But that doesn’t change the fact that a mans (and woman’s) natural reaction to this will be “no thank you please”. I mean on a core physical level, dudes won’t like it. And shame on pop-culture and the beauty industry for pretending to like it.

Note: We’ll assume this is actually a woman with woman plumbing. Couldn’t find anything that said otherwise.

HB is ‘spicious…

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