February 10, 2021

CNN Pushes Black Lives Matter Propaganda Ad To Impeach Trump

CNN doing its part to label Trump supporters as “white supremacist”.

A new Black Lives Matter ad is calling for an end to White supremacy using footage of the January 6 Capitol riots and historic Ku Klux Klan rallies to pressure lawmakers to impeach and convict former President Donald Trump. The ad, released exclusively to CNN, comes as the Senate prepares to begin its second impeachment trial of Trump on Tuesday.CNN

The turd of a video:


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The ad promotes a Black Lives Matter petition that not only demands Trump’s conviction but calls for the removal of Republican lawmakers who encouraged the Capitol mob’s attempt to overturn the election. “There are Black Lives Matter formally organized protests and there is the righteous rage of folks who have been oppressed,” she said. “Until there is justice, you cannot ask oppressed people to behave in the way that the state wants them to.”CNN

That last line is dripping with irony.

We are now the oppressed people and expected to “behave” while these race driven marxist destroy the nation.

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