February 16, 2021

Dienstag Links With Polls, Guns, Cowbell & Fugazi

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Es lebe die Republik!

Team Trump Dominates Republican 2024 Presidential Poll with 73 Percent Support

Altogether, Trump, his son, and his political allies earn 73 percent of the Republican support, demonstrating the party still clearly prefers Trump’s agenda despite the president losing to President Joe Biden in 2020.

Here is how the poll stacks up:

Donald Trump 53%
Mike Pence 12%
Donald Trump Jr. 6%
Nikki Haley 6%
Mike Pompeo 2%
Marco Rubio 2%
Mitt Romney 4%
Ted Cruz 4%
Tom Cotton 1%
Josh Hawley 1%
Kristi Noem 1%
Larry Hogan 1%
Tim Scott 1%
Rick Scott 0%Breitbart

Lindsey Graham predicts GOP will IMPEACH Kamala Harris for ‘bailing out BLM rioters’ if they take back the House

‘If you use this model, I don’t know how Kamala Harris doesn’t get impeached if the Republicans take over the House, because she actually bailed out rioters and one of the rioters went back to the streets and broke somebody’s head open,’ Graham told Chris Wallace on ‘Fox News Sunday.’ Daily Mail

Can you hear the sand lodging in gender-neutral crotches?

From the perpetually sand crotched, the state media applauded, socialist party funded, righteous & glorious, Black Lives Matter/Antifa fun times continue.

Antifa blocks Seattle police from responding to emergencies with snow barrier

One demonstrator says they are “just having a friendly snowball fight here at the EastPrecinct” while another can be heard saying the “cops are being aggressive and violating people’s rights” as officers begin moving the group away from the blocked exit and proceed to start shoveling away the obstruction.FOX

Potty-mouth warning:

Wherever could these fine yoots learn how to behave this way?

Bad Education

A Philadelphia elementary school recently forced fifth-grade students to celebrate “black communism” and simulate a Black Power rally in honor of political radical Angela Davis. According to whistleblower documents and a source within the school, a fifth-grade teacher at the inner-city William D. Kelley School designed a social studies curriculum to celebrate Davis, praising the “black communist” for her fight against “injustice and inequality.” As part of the lesson, the teacher asked students to “describe Davis’ early life,” reflect on her vision of social change, and “define communist”—presumably in favorable terms.American Renaissance


Joe Biden’s ‘Dark Winter’ Is Here

John Forbes Kerry—who famously flew to Iceland on his private jet to accept an environmental award—successfully engineered returning the United States to the Paris Climate Accords which accomplish zero other than handcuffing American businesses while polluters in China and India (effectively exempt from the Paris agreement after designating themselves “developing countries”) will continue to eat our lunch in world markets.TownHall

North Texas Man Living In His Car Due To Hours Without Power To His Home

He’s bundled up and riding out the bitter cold in his car parked outside his home. “So pretty much since 5:30, 5:30 to 6 yesterday evening the electricity has been off,” he said. Cash is one of many North Texans who have no power in their homes because of rolling blackouts. He said his house went dark Sunday afternoon.DFW

With that in mind…

4 Best 6.8 Barrel Options For Your Next AR Build (2021)

Even without its name etched in military lore, the 6.8 SPC has more than proven itself an adept addition to the AR-15 family. Delivering more energy and poking larger holes than the demure 5.56 NATO, the squat .270-caliber improves on the small-bore’s terminal performance. Considerably so. A fact many hunters have come to grasp. Additionally, it can fly with the best of them. Sure, a 6.5 Grendel bullet of comparable weight edges the 6.8 SPC in ballistic coefficient (BC), but their trajectories and range track much closer than most think.Gun Digest

Note: You can never be too ready for squirrel season… which is everyday!

ton nit fargesn:

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And now: (Watch for the “cowbell guy” at the beginning who disappears and then reappears even more glorious than before)…  Walken would be proud

The original

Good times.

Stay safe hombres…

Don’t miss: Top 10 Ways To Look Past Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Crazy

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