February 20, 2021

True Colors Of The “Never Before Seen” Yellow Penguin Revealed

It’s amazing what you can find out about nature if you just dig a little deeper…


A “never-before-seen” yellow penguin was captured on camera by a Belgian wildlife photographer, making nature lovers squawk with joy. Yves Adams was snapping photos of a colony of 120,000 king penguins in South Georgia, an island in the southern Atlantic, in December 2019 when he spotted the rare bird, he told Kennedy News. “It was heaven that he landed by us,” Adams said. “If it had been 50 meters away, we wouldn’t have been able to get this show of a lifetime.”NY Post

Harsh Brutus trekked to the southern Atlantic & looked into this matter a little more gooder.

After lengthy discussions with no less than 86 of the 120k flock, we can reveal the “true colors” of this king penguin to our readers.

Normal penguins often use yellow feather highlights to attract mates — but it’s unclear if the ultra-rare bird’s look makes him a golden boy with the gals.NY Post

Turns out, his name is Frank & he’s a real d-bag using his yellowed condition to slut things up real good.

So before you all continue the love affair with this “adorable” yellow womanizer, we thought you should know the truth.

Original photo credits: Yves Adams/Kennedy News

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