February 27, 2021

Sweet Little Old Ladies Huh?

Sweet little old ladies… Ever wonder what they’re really talking about in their little klatches? The truth might surprise you…

HB released the investigative hounds and you’ll be shocked by the examples of old lady incivility we uncovered…

Like this:

Cousins, Maria and Susie were discussing Susie’s problematic drinking…

Susie immediately drove away and ten minutes later, was in the back of a police cruiser for DUI. A “concerned citizen” phoned in the tip… Sweet little old ladies.

Next up:

Margaret & Doris were discussing the subject of cheating at Mah-Jongg… it got personal real quick.

Margaret hadn’t factored in her weight class when she issued the verbal jaw jack. She’s currently in traction and seeking new Mah-Jongg partners… Sweet little old ladies.

Then there’s these two:

Jane and “Wildflower” were fondly remembering their sexually active child bearing years. “Wildflower” thought she’d slip in a little jab under her breath.

‘Wildflower” is now resting at Emanu-El Mausoleum in rural Alabama. Apparently, Jane had the hearing of a bat… Sweet little old ladies.

Not saying there aren’t sweet little old ladies out there full of cotton candy kisses and blank checks already marked bail money.

But don’t be surprised if they turn out to be like Blanche (pictured below) who pretty much stands on her balcony all day calling people all sorts of foul things… For no reason.

Stay safe amigos… these old ladies are out there… and feral.

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