March 5, 2021

Beautiful Right Wing & Left Wing Women

HB likes to play fair.

Although communist (left-wing) women suffer from the detardedness, they can be just as beautiful as women who have good sense… like right-wing/Libertarian women.

I’ve chronicled a prime example  here.

All women are beautiful… to someone. So let us examine a few ladies with very differing ideologies & very differing appearances, but all beautiful.

First, Angie Harmon for team right wing:

Classic Texas beauty, runway model who was discovered by David Hasselhoff and did a little Baywatchin’ for a bit. A Taekwondo ass-whooper who delivered a speech at the 2004 RNC. Unfortunately while showering in late 2019, she fell & bumped her head resulting in a  vote for Biden in 2020. We suspect that many votes went to Biden as a result of bumped heads.

Team right-wing chooses to  keep her, but under close observation…

Rosie O’Donnell for team left-wing:

The “Queen of Nice” got her start on Star Search way back in 1984 and has since went on to convince millions that she’s funny. A rabid commie, she always manages to keep things civil when dealing with evil right-wing types. This is apparent if you’ve ever watched her stink up a stool on “The View”. Known for her philanthropic work, she has sponsored the “Ms. Mooseknuckle” Pageant held annually in Quebec for the past 21 years.

Team left-wing would never let her come to her senses. They’ll keep her forever.

Bo Derek for team right-wing:

The original “10”, Bo Derek (born Mary Kathleen Collins) is at 64 still a babe no matter what scale you’re using. A long time right winger and Wounded Vet activist she suffered a momentary Hopenchange fever in 2008 but we’ve forgiven her mistake. She’s also the recipient of three Golden Raspberry Awards for worst actress in “Tarzan”, “Bolero”, and “Ghost Can’t Do It”. The panel members were all red diaper doper babies.

Regardless, team right wing is proud to have her onboard.

Rosa DeLauro for team left wing:

A paison from Connecticut, Ms. DeLauro’s beauty runs deep within her soul. A champion for the baby murder industry she oddly enough doesn’t endorse the right of adults to murder each other with guns. Strange huh? Little known fact is that she has won the annual “Perry Farrell Look Alike Contest” nine years in a row.

Team left wing couldn’t do without her.

Stacey Dash for team right wing:

Born in The Bronx, the lovely Dash is black and Mexican. Her first cousin is Damon Dash, the former CEO and co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records. Holla! Her first film role was in “Moving” with Richard freakin’ Pryor! She also played in a movie with Alicia Silverstone that I can’t recall the name.

Big supporter of the 2nd Amd. That’s all we needed to hear.

Whoopie Goldberg for team left wing:

Real name Caryn Elaine Johnson, the beloved icon is known for her lucid discussions of President Trump’s accomplishments.  Like O’Donnell, she has also convinced millions that she’s funny by displaying a massive chip on her shoulder every chance she gets. Dyslexic and immune to birth control pills, she has boasted of getting an actual coat hangar abortion when 14, and feels all little girls should have the same right!

Go Goldberg!

She is the special teams coach of team left wing.

Well there you have it, both sides of the aisle represented by the loveliest souls each team has to offer.

And now:

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