March 17, 2021

Message To Kids: Cutting Off Body Parts Is Heroic & Glamorous

The girl that played in Juno…

Elliot Page

Cut off some body parts, tinkered with her natural body chemistry and got herself on the cover of a magazine.

Over the course of two conversations, Page will say that understanding himself in all the specifics remains a work in progress. Fathoming one’s gender, an identity innate and performed, personal and social, fixed and evolving, is complicated enough without being under a spotlight that never seems to turn off. But having arrived at a critical juncture, Page feels a deep sense of responsibility to share his truth. “Extremely influential people are spreading these myths and damaging rhetoric—every day you’re seeing our existence debated,” Page says. “Transgender people are so very real.”Time

Non-stop mainstream propaganda has resulted in an increase in the number of our children identifying as “trans”—1.8 percent of Gen Z versus 0.2 percent of boomers, according to a recent Gallup poll—this has fueled a “transgender craze.”

Biden has restored transgender service members’ ability to serve openly destroying unit cohesion, and “trans” people have never had more screen time in Hollywood.

Harsh Brutus doesn’t care if you cut off both arms and sex up a garden rake, but to present these “trans” people with obvious mental health issues as glamorous, heroic and something to be emulated, is irresponsible and dangerous to us as a society and as a species.

Are you disgusted enough to turn off your TV’s yet?


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